Here Are Some Ideas about Ways Your Church can Support PCHAS’ Mission

Donate School Supplies

Collection drives seem to appeal to many churches who want to help a ministry.  At this time of the year, school supply drives are helpful to us.  But there are many other support items that our children and families will appreciate. They include:

  • Gift cards (example: Walmart, Target, restaurants, etc.) of different denominations
  • Books, especially young adult fiction for ages 10 to 16
  • Household items for the Group Homes (12 Group Homes, 8 children to a Group Home) such as linens (hand and bath towels, sheets for single beds), laundry soap, cleaning supplies, toiletries such as shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes
  • Video games (for ages 10 to 16)
  • Passes to museums, zoos, sporting and entertainment events, movie theaters and amusement parks (Six Flags, Sea World, etc.)
  • Birthday cards and birthday presents for the children in our care
  • Home-cooked meals (casseroles that feed 12 people are always helpful)
  • School supplies
    • Ball point pens
    • Colored markers (washable)
    • Pencils (both black and red pencils, size number two)
    • Spiral notebooks (college ruled) and “composition” notebooks
    • Crayons (large, eight-count and small, 24-count)
    • Scissors (for elementary school students as well high school students)
    • Loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)
    • Glue sticks
    • Pocket folders
    • Flash drives

If your church would like to hold a collection drive for Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, please contact the Central Office in Austin at 512.476.1234 first to see if there’s still a need for specific items. When you call, we will also tell you where to send the items once they are collected.  And, remember to coordinate everything with your Development Officer!