PROFILE: Pam Crawford, Child and Family Program Supervisor


Perhaps the more difficult moments in our lives carry enough weight to propel us toward a better version of ourselves: to rise above pain, push social limits and advocate for others out of deep compassion that can only come from true empathy.

For Pam Crawford (Baylor University, Master of Social Work ’03), it wasn’t schoolyard taunting that ultimately opened her eyes to the needs around her; it was the aching sorrow of not having been able to bear children.

“Through that pain and trial in my life, God developed my compassion for others and my calling in social work,” Pam recalled.

But joy also played a transformative role in the journey toward her vocation. Adopted as an infant, Pam was raised by loving, nurturing parents. Passing on that life-changing legacy, Pam and her husband brought home their adopted infant son 25 years (to the day!) after Pam was brought home by her own adoptive parents.

Despite this fulfillment, however, she never took for granted the fact that there were children and families in need of care and intervention in her own community, the town of Corsicana, Texas.

At the age of 47, Pam courageously began a new chapter of her life. She accepted a position with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) and enrolled in Baylor’s Master of Social Work program.

Less than a year later, Pam had already launched PCHAS’ Child and Family Program and established the Child Advocacy Center of Navarro County, not to mention numerous other community development projects that are currently in process because of her leadership.

“It’s about seeing people regain hope,” Pam said of her daily quest to guide broken families toward wholeness and healing.

Access to the services of a professional social worker outside of a metropolis can be hard to come by. But Pam recognized that the need to protect vulnerable children and restore families is just as real in smaller towns—like Corsicana—as it is in big cities.

Today she oversees social workers in six PCHAS locations across Texas, while lending her practical expertise to Baylor’s School of Social Work classrooms each semester, carefully preparing the next generation who will act as agents of change on behalf of children, their families and our future.

–Article and photo courtesy of Baylor School of Social Work’s alumni magazine