Bradley Home House Blessing

Bradley Home Dedication
In March, PCHAS held a ribbon cutting and House Blessing ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Bradley Home, a new Group Home for children on the Itasca campus. The new home is named after the project’s chief contributor, Billye Bradley. Other donors to the home are honored by plaques throughout the house. “We are so grateful for the support of all of our contributors,” said The Rev. Chuck Mendenhall, PCHAS Senior Development Officer. “We are proud to put donors’ names on the doors, the porch, and other areas of the house. The children see those names and it shows them that people care for them; and they know that those people are standing behind them; and that’s very important.” Pictured at the ribbon cutting: Ken Slack, Sheila Liu, PCHAS President and CEO Ed Knight, Jeff Bradley, PCHAS Vice President for Development The Rev. Peter D. Crouch, Billye Bradley, Mildred Cammack and Diane Barnes.