Why I Give: Lelah Walker

Why I Give: Lelah WalkerLelah Walker’s parents were each the first born to parents who worked farms in rural Alabama. Her parents married and settled down to make their future in the same manner, but things changed when a local banker offered her father a scholarship to attend college. During those college years, her mother returned to the country community for the birth of their daughter, Lelah. Her father became a teacher and then a school principal. Her parents taught Lelah and her sister the importance of education and Christian nurture.

Lelah and her husband, Bob, were married during the hectic years of World War II. Later his employment with Shell Oil Company brought them to Houston. After many moves in the U.S. and abroad, Houston became their permanent base. They raised a family of three along the way. Two of the children were born with severe handicaps and eventually lived in state care. In their memory, Lelah supports Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services.

When her husband died, Lelah moved to a Christian retirement community, where she still lives. She feels blessed that she can exchange visits with her daughter, granddaughter, and three great grandchildren, ages ten, eight and four.

Lelah appreciates all that Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services does for children and families in need. “I first learned about the work of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services when my husband and I became active members of Grace Presbyterian Church. Our Presbyterian Women’s Group talked about it and my gifts grew over time as I got to know the agency better. What I really value about PCHAS is the way it reaches out and helps the entire family. Each time I make a gift to Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services I remember my own children,” she said. Lelah created a Charitable Gift Annuity and appreciates the interest she receives.