Run the Houston Marathon in support of children

Join Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services at the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half-Marathon

Help us meet our goal of raising $64,366 in recognition of the 64,366 cases of child abuse in Texas in 2012. Contact Meredith at for more details. Registration is now open for the January 19, 2014 marathon.

Jana Hobbs - Run the Houston Marathon in support of children

Jana Hobbs

Jana Hobbs, PCHAS Development Officer, ran for PCHAS in last year’s half-marathon. Read her personal account here.

Last June, I began recruiting runners to run on behalf of PCHAS in the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. For me personally it seemed a bit hard to rally this team of runners without actually being a member of the team myself. I am NOT an athlete, but I committed to run for PCHAS only 60 days before race day. I began a vigorous running schedule that my body was not ready for and less than a month into training, I was injured. With plenty of epsom salt soaks, feet in ice buckets, and pain relievers, I questioned whether or not I had made a commitment that I could actually keep. By December my injuries had cleared and I had a new pair of hot pink running shoes. Friends and staff of PCHAS leant their support through words of encouragement, prayers, and financial sponsorships. Fast forward to the evening before the run where, at St. Phillip’s Presbyterian Church in Houston, PCHAS hosted the team and their families at a pasta dinner. Surrounded by many who had been training for many month, I told everyone that my goal wasn’t to finish by a certain time, but that I just wanted to see the finish line. The next morning, my husband and I stepped out of our hotel room in our race gear and the weather was 40 degrees, very windy, and raining. Our hotel was three blocks away and the finish line was over 13 miles away; it was so hard to not just quit before we even started, but I envisioned the people who had been supporting me, praying for me, and I held tight to the many stories of the children and families we serve. When I could run, I ran…when I couldn’t run, I walked. I was intimidated, lacked confidence in myself, started at a place where the finish line was nowhere in sight, and I experienced a lot of pain. But I made it to the finish line. My journey is nothing like the journey of the struggling children and families that PCHAS serves, but with every step I took I was one step closer and I knew that people all over Texas, including PCHAS staff, Ambassadors and volunteers, were praying for me. Thanks to everyone who prays, encourages, guides, and supports the many children and families that we serve. Join me in running for PCHAS again in 2014. Sign up now!