A Future With My Mother

A Future With My MotherWhen Esperanza came to Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, she was scared, embarrassed, alone, and pregnant. Together with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services staff, and with the birth father’s input, she decided to make an adoption plan for her child. She took special care to choose the right family for her daughter, Angelica, and exchanged letters with the adoptive parents through the years. When Angelica became a young adult, she and her birth mother, Esperanza, decided to meet. They met at a Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services office with our staff giving guidance and support. In counseling sessions before the meeting, Esperanza and Angelica expressed the same concerns: “What will we talk about?” “Will we have anything in common?” It was an emotional meeting with many tears. But they made plans to meet again and to build their relationship gradually over time. They know that if they need extra help along the way, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services staff will be there to provide support and guidance.

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